Back in the 1950’s the nation’s youth shivered over stories about children in the Soviet Union turning in their parents to the tender mercies of the state. Life in the former Soviet Union may not be idyllic but these days personal freedom may be more evident there than in the West, which once was a beacon of liberty to the oppressed. The childhood snitch is a thing of the past there but is making an appearance here, if global warming cultists get their way.

Become a Climate Cop! So urges a British power company. Enlistees don’t receive a weapon but do receive a Challenge Diary in which the little darlings can record "climate crimes" occurring at home and in the community. It won’t be hard to fill up such a diary considering each week yet another crime against the climate is unveiled by the Chicken Littles who peddle the climate change fraud.

Leaving the light on in an unused room, using an incandescent bulb, filling a bathtub with warm water, eating too much meat, warming the house on a chilly day, driving to the store, throwing plastic into the trash can, drinking a soft drink. The list is endless, being limited only by the fertility of climate change hysterics’ imaginations.

The Climate Cop campaign is, as of yet, not a government program and it’s uncertain whether children in any great number will respond to its call to arms, no matter how precious the graphics in the promotional brochure. That a power utility blithely labels the "incorrect" usage of its product as "criminal" demonstrates the effectiveness of the global warming propaganda. That it runs a PR initiative that has as its focal point the tabulation of climate "crimes," while offensive in its own right, is disturbing evidence that real punishment for unreal crimes is just around the corner.



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