With smokers pushed outside it was inevitable that Anti would take to street mugging. At the core all fascists are common thugs.

We link to a story from Wales. The situation there parallels that of many areas now. Anti’s methods parallel those of fascists past. Smokers are looted every time they buy absurdly taxed cigarettes, and hounded in every conceivable way, at this point into the streets, with really nowhere else to go.

How to hound them there? Once again, by every conceivable means, including Big Brotherly electronic surveillance. How to loot them there? Well, when all the ashtrays disappeared indoors, they did not migrate to the streets, and smokers don’t carry butt ends in their pockets. In Wales spot fines of £75 ($150) for tossing butts have become profligate.

There is no end in sight to this harassment. It’s altogether pleasing to the ruling class: humiliating to smokers and enriching to government. County Councillor Diana Hannam raves, "If everyone was fined the streets would be paved with gold." Litterbug cop Wynne Williams adds, "If it comes to prosecution then so be it."

When government power is wielded as a Saturday Night Special there is something rotten at the core. As it was with eugenics, today’s mighty ideology of "purity" based on "lifestyle epidemiology" is profoundly sick, morally inverse, and gravely dangerous.

Our governments are influenced by, and to a great extent run by, adherents to a false system of belief. This bogus ideology must be exposed and justly disgraced. This will be difficult and it will require extreme force but it must happen. Until it does there will be no end to the degradation of our society.



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