The good news from Ulster (the northern province of Ireland including both UK and Republic territory) is that smoking rates have risen generally, and particularly among young women, following on the draconian bans which have been imposed on the entire area in recent years. Freedom-loving citizens once again are demonstrating that they do not fall for Healthists frauds and campaigns against smoking.

“The number of Ulster teenage girls taking up smoking has hit an all-time high – with more than twice as many of them smoking than boys.” Good on the ladies. As a Virginia Slims commercial says about smoking women, “You’ve come a long way, baby”. We might add today: “Keep going, baby, don’t let crazy Anti slow you down."

The idiotic busybodies of “public health” just do not get several very clear messages from the public: “WE VALUE SMOKING”, “WE DON’T INTEND TO QUIT IN SPITE OF THE PROPAGANDA” – or, plainly put: “WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU”.

As always the busybodies are too dumb (or too corrupt) to understand that, so they react in the only way they know: with more lies, frauds and false information. Here is an example:

“…That’s why young female smokers are the main focus of a major new public information campaign launched today by the Health Promotion Agency for Northern Ireland (HPA). … Dr Brian Gaffney, chief executive of the HPA, said: ‘Through this campaign we want to highlight to all smokers and in particular young female smokers, that every cigarette has over 4,000 poisonous chemicals, including those found in rat poison, paint stripper, nail polish remover and household bleach, and smoking delivers these straight into your body.’“

Absolutely. What Dr Brian Gaffney DOES NOT say, however, is what matters – and he does not say a great deal:

The 4,000 chemicals are NOT 4,000 poisons. Dr Gaffney is astutely playing on the false equation used by his environmentalist cousins: “chemical = dangerous”. This is comical absurdity: everything can be expressed with chemical formulae; that does not mean everything is poison.

Most chemicals may be poisonous in sufficient dose. Of the chemical constituents of tobacco smoke, NOT ONE is present in a quantity sufficient to cause a quantifiable harm to health. If that were true, death from the inhalation of those “poisons” could be scientifically demonstrated. Instead, as we know, not even one death can be scientifically demonstrated to be caused by smoking.

Incidentally, the only “proof” existing on the “harm” of smoking is epidemiological, therefore not scientific, as epidemiology, by definition, cannot establish causality. The cons of several medical associations and “public health” have redefined epidemiology as “science” to project the impression that causality has been scientifically demonstrated. In reality they misrepresent their beliefs as science. Science is not a democracy of lunatic consensuses, but requires verifiable, measurable, and repeatable proof – and that proof is missing.

Nothing is a poison unless it is present in sufficient quantity. “It’s the dose that makes the poison” is the most important rule of the real science of toxicology.
The “poisons” Dr Brian Gaffney is talking about are present in a large quantity of common everyday substances that are inhaled and ingested, in fact in the very air we all happily breathe, in foods, drinks, etc., as they are present at the molecular level everywhere but – once again – in insufficient amounts to cause measurable harm.

The con job of the Health Promotion Agency for Northern Ireland is therefore the usual fraud adopted by antitobacco: misrepresenting the presence of various substances as a danger to health, thus misleading the public and conning it into the belief that by quitting smoking and adopting the lifestyles imposed by “public health” life will be longer and "better" – while nowhere has this been even vaguely demonstrated. In fact, many now "forgotten" studies on lifestyle have shown the opposite: those who lived "by the book" were sicker than those who did not. Here is one for example.

That makes Dr Brian Gaffney, chief executive of the HPA and its gang, all of a piece with the rest of the antismoking movement: plain fraudsters with a state licence to con the public.

…Didn’t we say that already somewhere on this site?…

Happy smoking in Ulster – right in the face of the HPA!



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