An historical event took place in Holland in the past few days bringing solidarity and new direction to the pro-freedom movement.
Between May first and fourth activists from ten countries representing a dozen organizations devoted to fighting lifestyle tyranny gathered on board the Aldebaran, a vintage sailing ship docked at the port of Hoorn, near Amsterdam, Holland.

The agenda of this summit meeting was described in a report appearing yesterday on this page. The International Coalition Against Prohibition has been born and planning for the First International Conference Against Prohibition is now in the works.

Activists and organizations from around the world are now coördinated in establishing objectives and strategies toward the reëstablishment of personal sovereignty and societal dignity. In the past, those seeking to restrict adult use of tobacco, alcohol, and even choices in food, have worked internationally against a fragmented opposition. This had to change. Now it has.

Please click the link below for observations from columnist Gian Turci, who personally attended the summit meeting.



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