What are the effects of the demonization of ‘public health’s’ targets on society? What can those targets do now? Is this an irreversible socio-political process, or can something be done to defeat ‘public health’? Especially, how do you feel inside?

In this relaxed Round Table, Gian Turci from Italy and Søren Højbjerg from Denmark talk about aspects of self-esteem and psychological dynamics in those who are targeted “for their own good." These topics are carefully censored from mass-media, eternal lackeys of the health “authorities,” and spreaders of their epidemiological frauds.

The devastating effects of junk science-based antismoking laws and campaigns may indeed get some weak-minded smoker to “quit and fit," but the long-term cost of the damage caused by social hatred, class denormalization and the destruction of self-esteem (from which one can “recuperate” only by embracing “healthy” behaviours — or so the Healthist wish us to believe) are not quantifiable, but certainly huge.

However, the psychic persecution induces many to introspection, and to find out and understand who they really are, as in the case of Søren Højbjerg, and in that of millions of others, creating the bases for the eventual defeat of tyrannical public health institutions.

In the tradition of the Round Table, this un-scripted, uncut and frank analysis of what is going on in the heads and souls of the victims of “public health” discrimination and bans brings us to an understanding of the “buttons” that the cultural engineers push to “make us do” what they want us to do. From that understanding comes a firm determination to make “public health’s” enterprise fail – both as a social program and, especially, when it comes to the conquest of our minds and souls.

Get a can of beer, a pack of cigarettes, a bag of potato chips, sit back for about 50 minutes — and enjoy.



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