Last week we reported that in the land of exploding laws and regulations, the United Kingdom, the middle class is losing confidence in the police. Boiled down, the complaints are of two basic types. People are unhappy with how police officers conduct themselves when interacting with the public. The level of courtesy and also the lack of vigilance when pursuing reports of criminality leave much to be desired according to a substantial percentage of the citizens. The second complaint revolves about the impression that the police are more concerned with going after non-violent crimes that not long ago weren’t even included in the law codes. Although smoking wasn’t mentioned in that report smoking in so-called public places is just one of the multitude of new "crimes" that have erupted in the United Kingdom over the past decades.

We present here a first-hand account of just what is worrying the citizens of the United Kingdom. Pat Nurse writes a chilling tale of police indifference to a violent incident coupled with a ruthlessness in disciplining the innocent victim.



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