This movie hit the theatres across the Nation on the 21st of August and we were there to see and report back on it.

The real problems with the nation’s national debt were not addressed. What was addressed was the underlying and ongoing NEED for the people of the United States to SAVE MORE MONEY. Apparently, somehow, magically, if we all save more money then our huge debt will be reduced. Socialist Peter G. Peterson said that a "mandatory savings system" could be implemented. Read: More money filched from our pockets before we see our paychecks! What we all need, Mr. Peterson, is more money IN our pockets, not more taken OUT of our pockets. This supposed answer to all our problems was reinforced by patriotic clips of Humphrey Bogart and Bing Crosby endorsing the sale of savings bond in the last century to help out the "war effort".

Warren Buffet saw a lovely expanding pie, where all is rosy. Yup, it is for him.
The Chairman of the Cato Institute presented himself very well.
The AARP guy spoke well but said nothing.
David Walker, former Director of the GAO, I believe, told it much better than all the others. He goes around the Nation holding Town Hall meetings and he is to be commended.
Clips of Dr. Ron Paul were, as always, significant.
Alan Greenspan, former head of the FED was interviewed a couple of times, but as usual, nothing was the FED’s fault.
Real problems such as illegal immigration, infrastructure, outsourcing of jobs and off shore corporations were not addressed.
All in all, this movie, although well presented, was much of the same old stuff.



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