Opinions on the Iraq war vary widely, as is natural in open societies. The poison released, however, by the "anti" mentality over the past few decades portends an ugly polarization as "us" versus "them" becomes the order of the day.

Mocking disabled veterans while shrieking deprecations on those who, no matter how one feels about the current war, served their country and suffered serious afflictions was thought to be buried in the dark past of the Vietnam War era. Instead, with the narcissism promoted by the proponents of zero tolerance, we must read how the appearance of today’s vets at a public swimming pool unleashed an orgy of hate from people whom anti-tobacco, and other special interest groups, have convinced to regard their trivial comfort level as the highest value on earth. Norman Kjono dispassionately exposes the "core intolerant" who, bolstered by the message that their whims and prejudices trump all else, tear down the walls of civility and trample any true sense of community.



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