“Everybody is happy with the smoking ban”. This is the la-la-land propaganda of Tobacco Control everywhere — Ireland included, of course.

If that is the case, why has the number of fines for flouting the smoking ban increased threefold? The answer is simple: people are growing tired of the fraud-based smoking ban, including smokers and business owners.

"Convictions of bar staff and smokers for flouting the smoking ban have jumped threefold. New figures from the Office of Tobacco Control show that there were 16 convictions in 2004 when the ban was brought in but this figure had jumped to 49 by 2007.”

That is in spite of the fact that there are some 540 Gestapo officers, presumably especially selected amongst the most ruthless bastards and ideologues favourable to public health beliefs. This is speculation, but it does not take much fantasy to speculate in this direction.

Read this: “Fine Gael Health spokesman Dr James Reilly has described the increase in those breaching the tobacco law as a ‘worrying trend’. ‘It is an extremely serious public health issue. There are clearly people prepared to flout the law. Those who do this should face the full rigours of the law,’ he said.”

Indeed there are a lot of courageous people out there who do what every free man should do: break laws that are based on fraud and discrimination. That is the duty of every conscientious citizen. And that, of course, represents a threat for the criminals who must enforce those laws: good has threatened evil.

When liberty is restored in Ireland and everywhere else, the extremely serious issue of public health institutional corruption shall be dealt with to the full extent of its consequences. And it will be the turn of Nazis such as Reilly to experience the full rigours of the law, which will punish the corruption of public health institutions, their ideology and kommissars like him. To that end, new prisons should be designed already: public officers who consciously lie to the population deserve prisons as homes.

That is not a threat: it is a promise. James Reilly has good reasons to worry.

Keep on smoking and keep on flouting the law: the resources of the state are not unlimited, and they will run out. Then it will be our turn to prosecute the bastards for the crimes they are committing.



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