As we predicted long ago, right along with smokers and “fatsos”, imbibers are the target of prohibition and junk science – once again.

… But, as we repeatedly stated, this time prohibition must use junk science as a bridge, as the successful (or so they say) antismoking model based on epidemiological frauds is going to be repeated for as long as gullible people will believe it.

“Researchers at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) have clarified the link between alcohol consumption and the risk of head and neck cancers, showing that people who stop drinking can significantly reduce their cancer risk”, says this piece. Of course the study was done with questionnaires.

Another one says: “All types of alcohol — wine, beer or liquor — add equally to the risk of developing breast cancer in women, American researchers said Thursday.” Of course the study was done with questionnaires. (Click here to see this article – original URL here – click at the bottom to see the first one).

All of the above hit the "news" circuit just in the last few days. The epidemiological bed of trash science justification for prohibition, taxation and discrimination is being prepared for drinkers to lie in – yes, those very same drinkers, many who said that they are so “happy” now that smoking has been forbidden in their areas. They may sit right alongside those “fatsos” who are also happy that they can eat their “unhealthy” foods without the “unhealthy” secondhand smoke.

They will be all sleeping in the same “public health” bed soon – can you imagine the orgy of losers that will result? The sparks are going to fly with accusations, (such as “you deserved that, but I didn’t”), lamentations on the stupidity of the laws (but absolutely no physical action against them) – and petitions, lots of petitions, as the ministries of “health” are in desperate need of toilet paper.

As someone said long ago, “we all get exactly the government we deserve” – as uncomfortable as that reality may be.

And, as we hope, you disagree, what are you prepared to do about it?



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