"At this point, someone usually mentions the evils of "passive smoking" and I’m very glad they do because this is my chance to mention James Enstrom and Geoffrey Kabat.

Between 1960 and 1998, these two American researchers – fiercely anti-smoking, both of them – conducted a survey of 118,094 Californians in a bid to discover once and for all whether or not the inhalation of other people’s cigarette smoke causes heart disease or cancer. Their conclusion? No it doesn’t."
James Delingpole’s heart is definitely in the right place in this entertaining article singing the praises of smoking. As all smokers know, and as all anti-tobacco operatives also know but deny, there is a myriad of benefits to smoking. That’s why tobacco is wildly popular everywhere throughout the globe and why smoking it will never be extinguished, despite the billions of public dollars spent on doing so.
Where the author stumbles, although doesn’t completely fall down as demonstrated by the opening quote, is his endorsement of anti-tobacco’s dictum that smoking is "no good for you." Smoking five packs a day (that cannot be physically done) certainly will have deleterious effects, although actual science is mum. Epidemiology has demonstrated, in a minor way, that there can be ill effects from heavy smoking but after two generations of expensive and intense "research" into tobacco and health, anti-tobacco has never been able to prove, in a scientific sense, that tobacco use is unhealthy. Surprising though it is, not one death has ever been proven to have been caused by smoking tobacco. Now that people, including this Mr. Delingpole, have had the secondhand smoke fraud hit them in the face, the myth that smoking is deadly may also begin crumbling into nothingness in spite of the current hype.



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