This has nothing to do with public health. It has to do with hatred – hatred against the smoker, and the intent of making the smoker’s life as difficult as possible through persecution, humiliation and criminal laws. So that the smoker will quit. So that he will conform, adapt, obey, accept, submit, feel guilty and apologetic for being what he is. Yes, apologetic to criminals and bigots, and sorry for the free choice he has made. Fearful of public health institutions that are rotten at the foundation. So that he will try to become like them.

Try this for size. This is real, folks. It sounds like dystopian science fiction, but it is not. This is the United Kingdom (and many other nations) today (emphasis added).

“Patricia Coupeland was given a 12 month conditional discharge by Blackpool magistrates after she admitted smoking on a smoke-free premises.

‘I was in the dining room doing my paperwork and having a cigarette. It was closed as a hotel at the time and was therefore my private home. There were no guests. I only had a friend stay. The health officer came across as vicious and a person with attitude.’ “

Read the rest and cringe – but don’t be afraid or depressed, and don’t even think of complying out of fear. Be disgusted instead, and feed your feeling of rebellion. Of course the health officer was a vicious person: he was a health officer, working for an institution of criminals who have deliberately decided to use state force to impose fraud-based cultural engineering. Expecting a nice person working for public health in the suppression of smoking and other lifestyles is like expecting an SS officer to be nice in the suppression of Jews, or a government official to be nice and decent while dealing with blacks in Apartheid South Africa. There is no such thing as a nice and respectful criminal, Mrs. Coupeland; wake up.

Patricia was hurting no one, for smoking hurts no one in the first place. And she was alone, only a consenting adult who did not believe the passive smoking fraud was present. But that did not matter: the health officer was programmed to suppress and punish smoking. Smoke should have been blown into his face. He should have been forcibly kicked out. But perhaps the fear was too strong.

So, Patricia was treated like a criminal for exercising her right to smoke in her property and in her home, closed to the public to boot.

There is only one way to fight hatred – and no, unfortunately it is neither love or obedience. It is hatred back. Make Tobacco Control’s life difficult. Make antitobacco health officers feel like the human scum they really are. And no, they are not just “doing their job." That was the excuse of the German guards too, but these people have the option to quit their job, had they any sense of morality. Make the antismoker feel that he is despised, unwanted, looked at with contempt. Kick antismokers out of your property on the grounds of what they are. Spit on the ground when you see them passing by. Antismokers do that to smokers; it is time that they get it back – with interest.

As the antismoking scum only understands hatred and fear, you may be surprised by the respect that you’ll get when you start speaking its language. Seeing is believing.



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