Right along the lines of pharmaceutical multinationals, the production of junk science is a multinational enterprise. Here are two tragicomical examples that are all over the Italian mass-media, these days. Come on, let’s have a laugh together: it’s better than crying!

Unless you can read Italian, however, you will not be able to have proof that I speak the truth, and you may think that I am exaggerating. That is because the pieces I link to are in Italian – and they are certainly not worth my trouble to translate them. You will have to believe me, and if you read FORCES regularly, you will have no trouble doing so anyway.

Here is the first one.

Those damn sales of Ritalin just are not good enough notwithstanding our ministry of “health” making the stuff available to children who are four years of age while simultaneously banning smoking three years ago. The minister did the best he could for the citizens, which is why he is standing trial on eight different counts of pharmaceutical corruption. Since we can’t use him anymore, more sirens must be cranked up on the Attention Deficit Disorder. ADD has never been proven to exist, and it is still the object of hot debates – but nobody wants to hear that since the “therapy” to treat it is so lucrative. I am also unable to provide you with information of who pays off those bastards who say that the disease does not exist, but it must be some dirty (and legal) industry for sure, since only sold out people may disagree with the holy grail of public health. Here is the alarm: is your child hyperactive? It’s the artificial colouring in the foods!

The link has been announced by the Southampton University in England and published by The Lancet. With such credentials, the info must be scientific for sure, so it is the duty of all media to pass this life-saving information along to the population. “According to the British researchers the [culprits are] the ‘E’ series colour additives, and preservatives such as sodium benzoate. All these substances are in ice creams, candies and chewing gum, and may have negative effects on the health (mamma mia!…) of many children — and not only those who are already affected by ADD.”

It should be noted that sodium benzoate and the colorants in question have been used since time immemorial – long before the invention of ADD – and children were perfectly OK for generations. Sodium benzoate delays food spoiling. The claim is based on the observation that two groups of 153 and 144 kids seemed to be hyperactive after drinking fruit juice that contained the additives. That is all the that it takes. The "authoritative" words are spoken. In virtue of the Precautionary Principle, it is now up to the manufacturers to scientifically demonstrate that the additives DO NOT cause the indemonstrable ADD! As they’ll never be able to do that (proving a negative is impossible), the "authoritative" words become science: if you can’t prove that you have not stolen my wallet you are the thief because I accused you.

Now the European “authorities” are “looking into it”. When will we ban the evil stuff? Soon, very soon. We sure don’t want to look like we are neglecting the health of the children, do we?…

“Waiting for authorities to pronounce themselves” (who is the Pope, again…?) “the suggestion of physicians to parents is to watch their children: if they see a link between the consumption of the foods that contain the preservatives and restlessness or poor attention in school, it is worth to eliminate them (the foods, that is)”.

It all seems very scientific to me. Cause and effect: if we see a dog after seeing an egg, the dog has laid the egg. Vice versa, the dog has hatched from the egg – as long, of course, that it is all confirmed by authorities such as physicians or universities.

In the meanwhile, parents should not forget to stuff their kids with Ritalin for their good health.

This second piece is even “better”.

In Italy there is a noticeable economic crisis, and money is certainly not abundant. One of the expensive things is home heating. Winter is coming and people are complaining. Instead of using the two nuclear super-power plants that we have, we proudly went “green” many years ago. The plants are idling and discharging megawatts of electricity to the ground because nuclear reactions cannot be shut down, and using those megawatts would be “irresponsible” and “immoral”. We therefore import nuclear-produced energy from France, Austria and Switzerland (who have conveniently positioned their plants quite near the border), paying several times more per watt in the name of health and environment. Public health first of all.

But I am digressing. What to do to keep the Italians calm, since we cannot keep them warm? Bravo, you figured it out: we invoke “public health”! Heat makes you fat – and “cold is a new weapon against obesity” (literal translation) to be cherished for long and healthy years! Want proof? Here it is: a study by Saito Masayuki of the Tenshi College of Sapporo, Japan. Cold burns fat and it is good for health. While that may be somehow true, how much cold is needed to burn how much fat is not given to know.

One does not need to know those silly details which don’t matter anyway, because here comes the new – how did you guess again? – pharmaceutical “therapy” from the United States! “A drug-based therapy ‘awakens’ the brown adipose tissue”.

Conclusions: Italians, just be happy that you can’t buy much heating this winter: cold is good for your health and fights the obesity “epidemic”. And the money that you “save” because you can’t spend it, can be utilized for pharmaceutical “therapies” that boost the slimming effects of freezing.

Just fricken unbeatable. God bless “public health”.



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