Even from amidst the colossal garbage heap of worldwide epidemiological pseudoscience the stench of this Australian study stands out.
The latest addition to our Scientific Portal is an Australian comedy classic from 1999, “Do simple prudent health behaviours protect men from myocardial infarction?”, by Spencer, Jamrozik, and Lambert.

These three stooges should write their next medical treatise on the health risks of laughing hysterically while holding one’s nose.

We couldn’t top the stooges’ material so our introduction to this study (accessible via link bottom this page) for the most part allows the numbskull authors to speak for themselves. The full text of the article is also accessible from the introductory page. That has as many laughs as a good two-reeler.

If you ever run into Spencer, Jamrozik, and Lambert, feel free to spray them with seltzer, poke them in the eyes, or crush their skulls in a vise. They’ve got it coming, and wacky as they are, they’ll surely take it all in good fun.



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