Sometimes it does a man good to read antismoking propaganda articles. The pernicious stupidity of antitobacco positively glares from the piece we link with here. The world couldn’t go on missing that forever. It isn’t.
“The World Health Organization has put out a report about tobacco use throughout the world — and it is shocking.” Have you ever seen one of these propagandists (in this case a certain Gabe Pressman) not being shocked by the absurdities circulated by “public health”? In reality Gabe is telling you that you should be shocked, and you should — by the morbid hatred of this piece and by the total stupidity of the World Health Organization. Correction: the WHO is not altogether stupid. This kind of in-your-face sensationalism is carefully studied, and it is a prime example of how out of hand a statistical fraud can get when uncritical reporting and popular credulousness combine. Nevertheless, this piece is truly laughable, it exposes the WHO for the bunch of high-paid bozos it really is, and not everybody can miss this.

Here it comes: “Smoking, the report says, will kill one billion people over the next century unless governments do something about it.” One billion people! The crooks of the World Health Organization have put new fantasies in their beefed-up computer models, and people like Pressman make it their job to make us believe them, in a new impress-the-stupid campaign. Not one "death by tobacco" can be proven. They put up an even billion scarecrows. Birdbrains will buy this. The rest of us don’t.

The social cancer of antitobacco describes smoking as a social cancer. The movement is very angry that the youth does not believe its propaganda and the epidemiological frauds. The point stressed in this apoplectic article is a need to prohibit smoking by characters in movies. The Health Daemon must be purged from all thought as per the pharmaceutical industry’s marketing programme.

It’s depressing that the mass-media lend themselves to systematic falsification of information and hate-mongering. That explains, in part we suppose, why the conventional media are walking down Sunset Boulevard. People simply don’t trust them anymore. Who can believe hysterical drivel like this? The public is spurning traditional news sources for very good reason. Truth can be found, and it can thrive, in the free air of the internet.

Italian star Carla Bruni. Could any non-smoker be more beautiful?Part of what shocks Gabe Pressman is perhaps relative good news: “The WHO report found that only 5 percent of the world’s population live in countries that fully protect their population with measures that reduce smoking rates. Also, the study found governments around the world collect 500 times more money in tobacco taxes each year than they spend on anti-tobacco efforts.”

It’s somewhat reassuring if only 5% of the governments of the planet are lunatic enough to follow antitobacco’s fanatical lines to their mad ends. If 95% of governments are giving only token heed to World Health Organization crooks while pocketing cigarette taxes, that’s cynical business as usual, criminal in itself but preferable to unbridled oppression.

The 5% are those countries plagued with the biggest institutional corruption, paranoia, and overall decline, and they are all in the West. The rest of the world, where smoking is abundant, is on the rise. The empires that lost their crowns only have hatred and institutional corruption to boast of now, so they have flipped their moral parameters, and flipped-out entirely in the process. Anally retentive surliness reigns best where no-smoking signs appear most. The empires wish to expand again on this basis. That’s nuts. People are noticing worldwide.

There is an unquestionable dose-response relationship between institutional corruption, social decay, and antitobacco on one hand, and intelligence, liberty, and smoking on the other. When America was great smoking was free and prevalent. People chose for themselves. The smoking Inquisition wants us to live in freedom from freedom. It’s an old con. It’s vicious and based on lies. More and more people are getting this. We choose to defy and to fight. Find your pride and join us.



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