We have reported on this situation before. The British hospitality industry invested a fortune in outdoor patio heaters with the coming of the smoking ban as a matter of survival. The same response has occurred in many European nations. Now the EU gangsters want to ban the patio heaters. Here is the truest reason why.
This call for yet another form of prohibition comes, of course, after millions and millions of Euros have been spent all over Europe to provide some dignified space outside bars and restaurants for the new “niggers” of the 21st century.

The excuse used by Brussels? Energy consumption, CO2 production, and greenhouse gases – for whatever that nonsense is worth, for man-made global warming is the only junk science fraud that can compete in size with those on smoking and "passive" smoking.

It’s clear that, as usual, many who resist are missing the target. They wish to debate the tyrant. It is explained that: “Government figures show that domestic patio heaters produce a total of 22,200 tonnes of carbon dioxide, which is 0.002 per cent of the total UK carbon dioxide emissions, while televisions produce 4.6 million tonnes of CO2 each year.”

Irrelevant. Has anybody learned anything from the passive smoking fraud? It was pointed out long ago that one airplane during take-off puts out more pollutants than a week’s worth of passive smoking by an entire nation, let alone other major sources of pollution. Does anybody really still believe that balance, proportion, or reason count for anything when it comes to "Health and Safety" tyrannies?

New "no smoking" sign proposed in North America by several antismoking groups. How much clearer does it have to get? How long before smokers understand that they have to answer in kind?It’s the hatred, stupid – and reality, science, and truth have absolutely nothing to do with that. They do not matter.

The debate is indeed over. The Health and Safety Reich is mad and it is vicious. This must be made clear, and it must be equally clear that this is a fight, not a discussion. The goal of the antismoking bastards is to make smoking unbearable for smokers – and there are plenty of those bastards in the EU parliament – not to mention the neo-Nazi EU kommissars. We have an abysmal enemy. Opposition to antismoking must seek the destruction of antismoking.

Otherwise the viciousness will only continue to grow. Their dignity ripped from them, smokers must not regain a single shred, there must be a law against any possible way they might find to enjoy life. Therefore they cannot be given have any semblance of respect. There are no heaters in pig pens and smokers shall not have them either. They must freeze in the cold. If they die that’s so much the better. The Reich will attribute their deaths to their habit. While they live they must feel the hatred so that their will is broken. They must know their only salvation lies in capitulation.

"We respect choice,” say the bastards with grins in their faces, “You can ‘choose’ to suffer like a dog in the cold, or ‘choose’ not to smoke and be treated like a human being.”

It’s the hatred, stupid. There is only one way to fight that kind of hatred – by hating them back, and by taking all necessary action to wipe those Nazi grins from their faces, and wipe them out of power. They have to feel our hatred. Disobedience, tax strikes, labour strikes, demonstrations, vocal anger and social disruption of every order – that’s the form of reasoning required here.

Never mind arguing about how many tons of non-polluting CO2 are released into the atmosphere by heaters or TV sets. They don’t care. That’s not the issue. It’s neither "health" nor "safety" that truly motivates these arrogant frauds. Most of them do not themselves comprehend what truly motivates them but we do.

It’s the hatred, stupid.



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