We are pleased to announce the release of the "electric" version of a powerful and passionate song from England: Jackboot.

"I wanna be there on the day you fall,
I wanna see your face when you lose the ball,
A law-abiding man will find it hard just doing what he can,
Without breaking the law, against this jackboot,
I don’t want to see no more of your jackboot."

The song, first released in 2006, was so powerful that our organization enthusiastically decided to adopt it as its official song. Click here to hear the acoustic version.

Now author Eammon Mallon is surprising us again with this new version, which is even more beautiful and passionate than the original. We urge our readers to purchase this powerful song (links below) and to play it not only each time they feel like listening to good music, but also when they are down, when they feel lost and fearful that the world they know is starting to crumble on them.

Jackboot is a song of anger and contempt. But it is also a song of hope and inspiration. These are two manifestations of the reaction that people have — reflecting the worst and the best of our natures — when we confront the fact of oppression. Jackboot will help you decide which side of yourself you want to show in the fight against the oppression of the Therapeutic State, the latest incarnation of a beast that has been with us since the beginning of time, because it is part of us.

Click here for more information on Jackboot.
Click here to read the lyrics.
Click here to hear a clip of the new version on You Tube.
Click here to buy Jackboot – and remember: this song has been “forbidden” by the mass-media lackeys of “public health”, because they are afraid to fight and to denounce corrupt institutions with too much power.
Click here for Eammon Mallon’s home page.

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The song that has been downloaded thousands of times across the world, and tipped to be banned by many radio stations, was officially released on the 30th of June , on the eve of the U.K smoking ban anniversary.

‘Jackboot’ , an uncompromising, controversial attack on the rise of the ‘bully-state’ is by British singer, songwriter, guitarist Eamonn Mallon, and has been adopted by many as an anthem for those in the fight against dictatorial politics and smoking bans across the world.

Adopted in 2006 as the ’official’ song of ’FORCES’, the multi-national organization against scientific fraud and oppressive ‘Healthist’ policies gaining political power.

The new electric version of the original acoustic song is now available via iTunes and all major download sites worldwide Eamonn says “ I wrote Jackboot in 2006 as a reaction to the incredible rise in the ‘authoritarian’ mentality that was rearing it’s ugly head, and the smoking bans have now set a precedent for control, based on the biggest fraud ever to be put upon the public. It was far too early to release the song in the UK at that time, so I waited until it would ring a bell with the public here, and I believe that time has arrived, as millions are so sick of being treated like children and having potentially every aspect of their lives regulated by the state, a frightening prospect, but one that is coming for certain if people roll over to this onslaught, fed by extreme propaganda, with decent, hardworking folk now being treated as criminals. The tyranny of the Anti-Smoking Crusade is unquestioned by the media, yet is based on an amazing litany of lies so huge it is fast becoming one of the wonders of the world”.




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