James Whitmore, character actor, has died at the age of 87, another victim of tobacco. As the photograph below attests, Mr. Whitmore enjoyed tobacco despite all the warnings he had heard during his long and productive life. Well, his vice caught up with him as anti-tobacco predicted and he will be added to the list of victims murdered by the purveyors of death. It matters not one whit that he lived to a ripe old age because, despite all evidence to the contrary, we all know that smoking tobacco is a certain path to an early (and painful!) death.

James Whitmore, in reality, proved anti-tobacco wrong. This one smoker was far more useful to humanity than the thousands of prohibitionist drones who would prefer that the Whitmores of the world never existed.

To see a long, tragic list of other premature, "tobacco-related" deaths that fully confirm the holy public health propaganda against smoking, click here and cringe. If that list will not persuade you to quit smoking, nothing will.



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