It is a disease. It is an epidemic. It is an orgy of paranoia. A mass-production of epidemiological junk science. A commercial, opportunistic exploitation. No, we’re not talking about Tobacco Control, but its sister perversion: Fat Control.

Take Japan as the latest example of collective hysteria. Employers are now forced to impose mandatory exercise and diet on their employees. If workers cannot lean out, employers must fire them – of face stiff fines. For the healthist Gestapo pigs, no employee can be any good if he drinks, smokes, or eats politically incorrect food: employment is a function of his lifestyle. The new buzz word of the sick Japanese healthists is “metabo”.

How looney can it get? Check this out:

“…Still, at a city gym in Amagasaki recently, dozens of residents — few of whom appeared overweight — danced to the city’s anti-metabo song, which warned against trouser buttons popping and flying away, ‘pyun-pyun-pyun!’
‘Goodbye, metabolic. Let’s get our checkups together. Go! Go! Go!
Goodbye, metabolic. Don’t wait till you get sick. No! No! No!’”

Yes, we’ve got a collective mental sickness here, no different than what inebriated the German people during the Nazi period. Unfortunately, it’s not just a Japanese or a German problem this time.

In the case of Japan the problem is particularly evident because in that country, obesity basically doesn’t exist.

“Yoichi Ogushi, a professor at Tokai University’s School of Medicine near Tokyo and an expert on public health, said that there was “no need at all” for the Japanese to lose weight. ‘I don’t think the campaign will have any positive effect. Now if you did this in the United States, there would be benefits, since there are many Americans who weigh more than 100 kilograms,’ or about 220 pounds, Mr. Ogushi said. ‘But the Japanese are so slender that they can’t afford to lose weight.’ “

But who listens to a bozo like that, anyway? The gods of the World Health Organization say there’s an epidemic! Come on, he probably gets payola from Burger King. We are sick! We need a cure! We need Big State to pay attention to us, dad didn’t! What do you mean we cannot see the obese people in the streets? The statistics and the “experts” say that they are there, so they are there! You may not see them, but armies of fatsos are amongst us — invisibly lurking. Stealthy heart attacks on legs are everywhere, waiting to threaten us. There are fatsos, there are!… There is “metabolic syndrome” – and, of course! – smoking cannot be excluded from this newly created disease.

Says Dr. Minoru Yamakado: “Smoking is even one of the causes of metabolic syndrome. So if you’re worried about metabo, stopping people from smoking should be your top priority.” He is right, smoking causes everything.

But wasn’t quitting smoking one of the main causes of weight gain?… How many poor American idiots have believed “public health”, stopped smoking and turned into balls of lard? Millions – but that just doesn’t matter. Point the finger, we are all sick and in need of a cure.

Dissent? Just keep it to a dull roar: “…But on a shopping strip here, Kenzo Nagata, 73, a toy store owner, said he had ignored a letter summoning him to a so-called special checkup. His waistline was no one’s business but his own, he said, though he volunteered that, at 32.7 inches, it fell safely below the limit. He planned to disregard the second notice that the city was scheduled to mail to the recalcitrant. ‘I’m not going,’ he said. ‘I don’t think that concerns me.’ “

God bless him – but you just can’t say that. Rather, is this novel Winston Smith addicted? Ignorant? Misguided? How does he dare say that he owns his health, anyway? It’s imperative that Kenzo be educated — that is, denormalized. Then he will learn the penalty of exclusion from the healthist body and, one day, he will be grateful for the tough love we dispensed!



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