Poor Jesus Christ. He has been recruited for almost anything else. Why not pull Him into the smoking issue? Pronto! Here he is!…

Christ is a smoker! Jesus is an antismoker! Or is it the other way around?…

This piece, reported by The Smokers’ Club, speaks volumes:

“Malaysia’s government ordered a Tamil-language daily to immediately halt publication for a month Friday as punishment for printing an image of Jesus Christ holding a cigarette, an official with the newspaper said”.

Much buzz about the sacrilege, as the article reports.

Certainly, having Jesus holding a cigarette is improper – but certainly not because cigarettes are the symbol of evil, as the fanatic antismokers would like you to believe, thumping their blasphemous bible of epidemiological junk science.

The reason is much simpler: at the time of Christ, people were not blessed with tobacco – not in the old world, at least. That joy and distinction was reserved for the people of the Western Hemisphere. So, the image of Jesus smoking is as improper as that of Julius Caesar wearing eyeglasses, nothing more.

Equally improper – actually more – is the abuse of Christ by the antitobacco trash.

Look, for example, at this ashtray circulated by those who hate smokers. Read the perversion of Christ to forward their ideology: “Jesus Hates It When You Smoke”.

Which Christ is more important? Which one to believe?…

The choice is yours. While you are choosing, observe that this is yet another brainless contradiction that are so typical of all worshipers of “public health”, worst of all antismokers. We all know the postulation: Christ is infinite goodness as He is the son of God and God Himself. Then, how (the hell) can He hate anything?…

Here is a hint: in this case Christ has been made to adopt the incoherence used to fool the public hat epidemiology (which by definition cannot establish causality) has established the causality of lung cancer with active or passive smoking!

Be that as it may, one thing is for certain: Jesus is obsolete along with Christianity. If we go by His word, in fact, we cannot have hate campaigns against smokers, fatsos and holy crusades against drinkers — all in the name of the false god of health. We cannot be killers of choice, as choice is the fundamental right given by God to Man along with the burden of responsibility. Nor can we be so fond of repeating what Jesus so much rejected: "I hate it, I hate it, I hate it". That may indeed show that we are still children, but surely not His.

So, after all it may be true that Christ did not smoke. But neither did Satan – that’s why he seems to be the good guy, these days.



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