Jews’ passports were marked with a J. Smokers’ property is marked with an X. More world-wide “progress” in hate against smokers.

This time the hatred comes from Sweden, complete with the usual dose of humiliation – and with the usual dose of law-abiding cowardice by the victims.

During the Nazi times, Jews’ passports were marked with a “J” to make it easy for the Swiss police to recognize them. During the current antismoking Nazi times, smokers are obligated to smoke in their own properties on the outside of areas marked with an “X”. In both the Jews’ and the smokers’ cases hatred was phased in, as to give people the time to get used to it and take it as normal.

In Sweden, a woman has been forced by a court order not to smoke in an area marked X in her own garden because her neighbour hates smoking, and to externalize his hatred to the max, the bastard wore a gas mask even when the woman did not smoke. He claimed that his body could not tolerate the smoke. If non smokers are such weak links that they need a mask against the scent of smoking, smokers should feel proud of their superior physical strength, but ironically they submit to the non-smoking Master Race, effectively claiming to be so weak as to need laws against an odour. And the Masters are always “right” because they grabbed the executive power. So there is little surprise that the local Environmental Court (the name says plenty already) has sided with the neighbour.

And now let’s look at the very core of the problem.

‘The 49-year-old single mother from Akarp, Sweden, said she is enraged by the decision, but admitted that she will obey the ruling to avoid having to pay a fine, The Local reported Thursday. "I actually do go and sit outside the area marked with an X. But I don’t do it because I think it’s right — I’m just worried I’ll be forced to pay and that makes me furious," she said.’

If all it takes to bend the will and liberty of a smoker is a fine, no wonder that the antismoking slime prevails over the spineless. If for no other reason than a sense of dignity, the neighbour should be blown smoke in the face across the fence to the point that he needs an environmental suit! And if that means disobeying the court order and go to jail, human and personal dignity demands that much, as such court deserves contempt in the first place.

As we are outraged at how low societies have fallen in their veneration of hatred and trash science, our hearts can’t bleed for the Swedish woman. As long as there is obedience to prevarication and fear of unjust authority, all we can expect is what happened to the Jews. In the late 30’ their passports were marked with a “J”, then the Jews themselves were marked with a star, then with tattoos, and then Germany became Jew-free. And during all that unjust persecution, the Jews obeyed the law.

As we said before, hatred is phased in. At each stage oppression is made to seem too small to go through the trouble of fighting it and facing punishments that are intentionally made disproportione. So we give in all the time. As those who can see warn the unseeing of the glaring dangers, the blind accuse the seers of hysterical exaggeration, partially to hide their cowardice and sloth. Until it’s too late. Such is human nature — and the reason why the eventual price to pay is always so high.

It took one megaton of bombing to straighten up the Nazis. How much violence will it take to straighten up the antis? Will we ever regain our dignity with what it takes?

Let’s not be ridiculous! Who wants to “go to war” for a cigarette, for a hamburger, for a drink, for a car, for salt, sugar, vegetable diet, street cameras, school brainwashing, house taxes, telephone surveillance, communication control and censorship, institutional corruption, denial of medicare, paycheque dockings, systematic false information, prohibition against smoking in your car or home, removal of parental authority, laws against smoking in streets, parks and beaches, imposition of "healthy" menus in restaurants, over-taxation of goods, no ice cream or gum in public places, being forced to pee in glasses, mandatory physical exercise, mandatory safety belts and helmets, violations of property rights, speed traps, falsification of scientific data, obliteration of constitutions, junk science, surveillance and inspections – or smoke only where it is marked?

These are not worth risking anything for (plus, "I agree" with a couple of those things!). There are more important things to think about – such as keeping a job and going on vacation. At most, let’s put up a website, write a petition to City Hall or a letter to the editor in our spare time to let them know that "we don’t like that". That outta do it – to ease the toilet paper crisis, that is. In the meantime, let’s keep on crying uncle, "get used to it" and carry on, trying to make ourselves feel good about being law abiding citizens. After all we do the "best we can", aren’t we?…



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