No smoking, no coffee drinking and lots of humiliation. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is wasted in the backwaters of the southwest United States.

Forget stern governess Hilary, paternalistic Barack and drill sergeant John McCain. Let’s go for the real deal this November and put in charge a man who doesn’t attempt to hide his assets under a bushel of pious hypocrisies. Sheriff Arpaio runs a tight jail that specializes in the punishment that Americans seem to subconsciously embrace.

Run afoul of the law in Arizona’s Maricopa County and Arpaio metes out the tough love that will convert you into a docile, productive member of society. Pink underwear is passed out to miscreants and days are spent working the chain gang. No coddling in Arpaio’s "Tent City" jail where green baloney sandwiches hit the spot after breaking rocks in the hot Sonora Desert sun.

The hard line sheriff is hated by "progressives" but loved by the people. If disgruntled smokers and others who enjoy pleasures not sanctioned by the reigning elite were substituted for the current inmates a win-win would be attained. Those who violate the healthist orthodoxy could be placed on the assembly line that converts the independent into the malleable, expanding employment for "health educators" and social behavior engineers. Best of all unsightly smokers and rebels would be behind the high walls of corrective institutions that will replace factories as America’s real business. A vote for Joe is a vote for the essence of the new America.



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