Action on Smoking and Health has decreed that exposing others to secondhand smoke in any circumstance, including in the home, should make all smokers liable to criminal prosecution for homicide with depraved indifference, punishable by death in areas of the United States.
The headline of the 18 April 2008 press release from Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) reads: "Wife Indicted For Killing Husband With Secondhand Tobacco Smoke // Criminal Prosecution Prompted by Son’s Complaint to District Attorney". ASH, intrinsically fanatical and untruthful, makes a habit of dissembling headlines. Shortly into the article we learn: "That is the plot of a controversial new film titled ‘The Pack’ [stored link] which is raising intriguing, emotional, and complicated questions about choice, individual responsibility, and the scope of criminal law."

That a movie on this subject has been made is just another commentary on our very sick times. The sickness itself is manifested by ASH and personified by its founder John F. Banzhaf III. The press release, after lying ludicrously about passive smoking fatalities, goes on to cite an exaggerated claim of legal precedent recognizing harm from secondhand smoke. Our judicial systems are not uncorrupted by insidious Healthism. Hysterical court decisions exist but are vastly in the minority. Nevertheless Attorney Banzhaf hopes soon to see smokers incarcerated in smoke-free prisons or even to realize his life’s ambition of frying them in an electric chair for the crime of smoking tobacco:

"At some point, deliberately and repeatedly subjecting another person to a substance the federal government has ruled to be the most deadly carcinogen to which we are exposed moves beyond mere negligence (the mere lack of sufficient care) and battery (which requires an intent to cause harm) to a depraved indifference to the consequences (the requirement for criminal homicide), says Banzhaf."

As we recently reported, Banzhaf also advocates killing smokers wholesale, through denial of medical care. These sorts of proposals typify this monstrously hateful and dangerous man. Banzhaf has made a lewd passion and a lucrative career of poisoning society since founding ASH in the 1960s. Has he gone too far? Will society finally see him and his movement for what they are? Not until the hateful round of fanaticism he did much to create has run its awful course. Contemporary antitobacco is an outgrowth of eugenics. Recall that it took the Holocaust to give eugenics a bad name in the public consciousness, but it only changed its name, and what it may take to stop its current rampage will surely include much more misery, and much more violence upon and amidst our societies, in the years ahead.

Click here (stored link) for the 18 April ASH press release. Antitobacco has proceeded from twisted paranoia to psychotic sociopathy between the 1960s and the present day. If Doctor Michael Siegel sufficiently appreciated this he would today spurn the "antitobacco" label with the depth of disgust all forms of eugenics deserve. The pseudo-science of purblind statistics and consensus conclusions on anti-scientific hypotheses is a symptom of cultural disease and a disease in itself. Doctor Siegel wants it to arrest its progress. Instead it runs its natural and inevitable course. It leads where it leads just as it has led before. Michael Siegel argues with the homicide philosophy in his latest blog (stored link). Meanwhile the damage mounts.

Social harmony, reason, calm, science, friendships, families, careers, freedom, personal dignity, personal safety, all have suffered miserably. You have suffered miserably, whether you smoke or not, whether you even realize it or not. One day you will. The time to lance the boil of antitobacco is this minute. Contagion is not a thing to argue with or about. This disease has to be rooted out and destroyed. Decent society is dying. Help us destroy vile antitobacco. The clock has been ticking for too long.



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