As the UK’s July 1 smoking ban comes into effect, the FOREST group’s Simon Clark is vowing that "We’ve lost the battle, we haven’t lost the war".

Although the last thing we at FORCES want to do is discourage smokers and fellow-travellers on this point, we feel obliged to point out that the British seem very much to be losing "the war" — that is, the all-out war that the government seems bent on waging against the civil liberties and customary privacies and range of movement of its citizens. More and more, we’re conviinced that a powerful political movement — with teeth, willing to organize, march, and take things to the streets — is needed in the UK to restore the basic freedoms that the citizens of that part of the world have proudly taken for granted for generations. The fight over smoking bans needs to be seen in a broader political context.
As for the ban itself, the anti-smokers have already shown signs that they see it as merely a prelude to a broader ban.
Craven and shameless as usual, British Health Fascists have been using climate change fears to frighten people into the belief that global warming may be promoted by the indoor smoking ban set to start July 1. Of course, their aim is to panic a guillible public into believing that the entire planet will be a little closer to being "saved" if only we can effect an OUTDOOR smoking ban, so that pub and cafe owners won’t end up using the earth-murdering outdoor heaters that they currently employ to help their beleaguered smoking customers enjoy a comfortable evening out when the temperature is a bit chilly.

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