We tend to focus on junk science as it pertains to social engineering and assaults on freedom and personal liberty. It can have other, more mundane, purposes.
In San Francisco, perhaps the richest large city in the United States, the agenda-crazed city government’s propensity to embrace and finance every goofy, feel-good initiative dreamed up by starry-eyed, empty-headed progressive idealists has produced an enormous budget deficit. As money dries up the mayor has decreed an across-the-board cut in all city departments as well as a hiring freeze. He eliminated 1,700 unfilled city jobs, making it almost impossible for departments to increase staff. What’s good for the goose, however, is beneath contempt for the gander.

With the residents facing declines in service from the municipal transportation system, a moonscape of unfilled potholes, deteriorating parks and a murderous crime wave, the mayor violated his own hiring freeze by creating and filling a bevy of new jobs, including a director of climate protection, and a "greening czar." Both positions carry six digit salaries and both are the result of the global warming hoax. Neither position will make one bit of difference in climate change — a perpetual natural phenomenon that applies to the entire planet — but both demonstrate that junk science, like that of anthropogenic climate change, provides employment not only for the "researchers" themselves but for a cadre of tax-funded drones.

Already on the San Francisco city payroll, as well as on every California county’s payroll as mandated by state law, is a squad of "Health Educators", paid handsomely to "educate" the public about tobacco. These expensive lilies do toil and they most assuredly do spin, but they provide not one bit of health care to any of the residents, who now face cuts in neighborhood city clinics. These positions, despite serving no purpose other than promoting discrimination against smokers, will never be cut because anti-tobacco junk science removed these freeloaders from the hassle of performing a useful function anyone would willingly pay for. Junk science provides opportunities for those who can’t get a job in the real world.



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