Here we are again: BS statistical projections written by ‘leading’ scientists at the service of ‘public health’ ideology.

Very much like the imaginary "deaths", "attributed" to smoking by the WHO, that are supposed to reach enormous numbers by 2050, the scary figures on obesity follow the same fantasy for the same year.

The disinformation cannot stop there, of course. We read: "While smoking reduces life by an average of ten years, the research says being seriously overweight can cut life expectancy by as much as 13 years."

That is absolutely and positively false. Statistically speaking, smokers live just a few short years less than non smokers do and, if that is true, it is also unquestionable that the shorter life saves society real – not imagined – billions in pensions, medical care and long-term diseases – such as Alzeimer’s disease, prevalent in non smokers who don’t even contribute tobacco taxes, thus turning non smokers into a net cost to society.

But the bullshit cannot be complete without the out-of-the–hat apocalyptic ‘cost’ figures: "Failure to tackle the obesity crisis will cost tax-payers as much as £45.5 billion by 2050".

Very much like the calamity figures of the other Great Scam, man-made global warming, the tricky "public health" misleaders assume that:

a) The current trend continues.

b) No means can found to change the phenomenon other than cultural engineering, propaganda, taxation and government control.

c) Obesity "causes" all the diseases "attributed" to it. Thus the elimination of obesity implies the "elimination" of the diseases.

d) That people who live longer cost less to society – and that is the biggest fraud of all. The main causes of the skyrocketing costs of medical care are public mismanagement, absurd cost of drugs and therapies (never even mentioned by the "public health" cons who are friends/moppets of the pharmaceutical industry) and aging population, a direct and inevitable result of the post-war population explosion.

Once again, the game is to blame the people while bamboozling them. If it is true that a life of abstention from joy and pleasure is longer (and who wants to endure it, anyway?…), then the almost inescapable fact is that longer lives will end in long-term disease and very expensive pensions that cannot be sustained by the current social system even if all of our available economic resources were devoted to it. It follows, inevitably, that the more "public health" is promoted, the sooner we’ll have to face social bankruptcy because, for clearly political reasons, "public health" will not address the other fundamental problems: cost of drugs and therapies, pensions, medical mistakes and public mismanagement.



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