If pro-marijuana advocates thought they could stave off the behavior police by adopting anti-tobacco talking points they stand to be disappointed.
A recent study from New Zealand joins others that finger marijuana smoking as more dangerous than tobacco smoking. In this, at least, the grant junkies are showing logical thinking as opposed to the stoned pot head who opines self-righteously that his kick is safer than alcohol and certainly superior to tobacco what with all that carcinogenic tobacco smoke. Smoke is smoke and, as the New Zealand researchers point out, the smoke from a joint contains most of the same purported carcinogens as does a tobacco cigarette.

By the way, none of the constituents found in both marijuana and tobacco have ever, in the dose obtained from smoking, been shown to cause cancer. "Lifestyle epidemiology," not science, is the preferred method for igniting hysteria amongst the uninformed, including it seems, those who report for major news organizations. While the cancer risk associated with dope smoking reported in this story seems significant, the tiny sample group and the usual reliance on questionnaires probing long past memories justly relegates this study to the trash can.

Marijuana smokers should be worried, however, since the rash of anti-pot studies indicates that the social engineers, up to now concentrating on tobacco smokers, never had any intention of leaving them alone. It was only a matter of time before the marijuana crowd found itself in the crosshairs of disapproval. That time is coming.



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