This one’s from Arkansas. He’s Doctor Dan Hawkins (Ph.D., presumably in the art of fabrication), a font of hot air, a tub of lard, and “the fiercely anti-smoking zealot Gov. Mike Beebe appointed a few weeks ago to the state’s tobacco cessation board.” Doctor Hawkins, who follows to the letter the antitobacco line set down by the original Nazis, wants all those who oppose him tried for crimes against humanity.

Anyone who rejects his bug-eyed ideology, you see, is a criminal by definition, self-evidently of “lower-rated intelligence & integrity,” while smokers themselves are “bad people.” To Doctor Hawkins, those who deviate from the antitobacco line are not fellow citizens, but sub-humans, suitable for hanging, or perhaps as a source of raw material for lampshade manufacturers.

Columnist David J. Sanders, in his article linked with below, is shocked and appalled at the “loony-sounding … self-indulgent drivel” of a “nut” who characterizes his patent hate-mongering as “a labor of love.” In particular Mister Sanders is astonished that such a frothing character could have been chosen to sit on an official state panel.

David Sanders is a babe in the woods. He does not understand that loony Doctor Hawkins is just another antismoking nut of the sort that has piled up in governments and bureaucracies everywhere in the world, because the nuts have been allowed to do so, by a foolish public, by simpering prohibitionist politicians, and by purblind mainstream media, which should have become shocked and appalled at the antismoking crazies several decades ago.

Sanders notes Doctor Hawkins’s own explanation for his success in spreading hate (“Because I could”) and closes his article with the rejoinder: “Enough said.” That’s not enough though. Being shocked and appalled was never enough, either, and isn’t now, and never will be.

Fanatical antismoking must be recognized for the worldwide scourge it is, it must be torn up at the roots, and destroyed. Doctor Hawkins and every goose-stepping antismoker across the globe must be disempowered, thoroughly disgraced, and punished. Until the vicious Antis suffer as much as they have made others suffer it will never be time to say “enough." Recognize what we are fighting and help us get the job done.

Link to the David Sanders article

Link to full text of the Hawkins email to Arkansas legislators which Sanders refers to (stored)



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