There is a simple rule for Tobacco Control advocates in particular and for fanatics in general. A rule that our side should learn to detect, and to use against them.

When you are confronted with even the most unassailable evidence that what you say is false, just deny that it is so.

Take the anthropogenic global warming garbage, for example. Are we going through a very cold winter all over the world? Are tens of thousands of scientists saying that the global warming is a fraud (click here and here)? So What! Just deny these uncomfortable facts. Ignore them. Try to suppress them – and raise your voice, louder and louder. Better yet, say that "the debate is over", and continue with your frauds as if nothing happened. That’s the ticket: just listen to yourself and keep on repeating the same slogans over and over like mechanized parrots: repetition is the key to brainwashing!

That is, by the way, what our side should do too: ignore antitobacco’s fraudulent statements and carry on with the truth, as if they did not exist along with their bans: it is not a debate anyway, so here the intent is how much damage one side can do to the other directly and indirectly, and how much hatred and determination can be stimulated against the enemy to destroy that enemy. Once again, it is just a number game, and when one side has enough toys to destroy the other one, the game will be over. It is not a pretty picture and it is certainly not noble or civilized, but it’s the name of the game nevertheless.

Here is another example: ALL those “studies” that show that there has been a drastic decrease in heart attacks after smoking bans are trash. Actually, they are an epidemiologic fraud – no exception – and dishonest governments have knowingly used that fraud to deceive their citizens in order to advance a “health” quasi-religion that has nothing to do with health and everything to do with political control and pharmaceutical marketing agendas.

That those “studies” are trash has been demonstrated. Again. And again, and again. What’s the remedy for the public health cons and the shrill Tobacco Control advocates? Deny that they are trash. Produce more trash. Have corrupt universities deny that it is trash — and put in their pocket another lavish grant to produce more trash. Badmouth those who say that the studies are trash. Demonize those who demonstrate they are trash. Activate mass-media marionettes to say that the “studies” are good – and portray the false numbers as if they were real numbers. Perfect the art or conning and lying each time the lies are exposed.

But never demonstrate that those studies are good – ever.

Why? Because Tobacco Control can’t do that. Because Tobacco Control itself IS trash – morally, politically, scientifically and ethically. That’s why.

We link to the article of Freedom to Choose.

Click here to connect to the excellent piece by Chris Snowdon "Denialism". (stored copy)



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