They say that smoking makes you wrinkled, old and ugly. Just look at them and see who’s the liar once again.

German Antismoker
Movie Character

Tobacco Control characters: ugly inside and out

Gene Borio: out of Tolkien’s pen

Henry Waxman: the rodent of liberty

Matt Myers: smoking kills: the undertaker is waiting

Let us have a reality check and look at the pictures of some of the antismoking trash. Differently than the pictures they use, these are not computer-generated. There are those who believe that one’s face is the mirror of his soul. By looking at these pictures it is hard to disagree with that belief.

Let us start with the United States. Take antismoker Gene Borio, for example: straight out of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, he is one of the so very many who are on the pharmaceutical payroll, and who want you to believe that smoking is bad. Can you believe him?

Let’s move now on to the picture of Henry Waxman, sworn enemy of the tobacco industry and upholder of all Tobacco Control’s epidemiological frauds. Do you wonder why he has been nicknamed the rodent of freedom?

What to say about Tobacco Free Kids’ Matt Myers? On the full-time payroll of the pharmaceutical industry, Myers has no problem convincing the poor kids who come under his spell that smoking kills, as he really looks like an undertaker.

Let us now move to Germany, and specifically to this antismoking web site. The usual lies and frauds, that same old rhetoric that is not even worth mentioning. These people advocate health which, of course, will be there if you don’t smoke.

Really. You can tell their healthy looks at once.

Failing to smoke may make you look like them pretty damn quick – that is, like the characters of the Night of the Living Dead, the famous movie of which we have a copyright-free version on our Multimedia portal, and that we invite you to enjoy when you are through reading this page.

We have taken some of the pictures from their web site and matched them with the characters of both horror movies, the original and the remake. The similarities are astounding.

With what gall antitobacco and its people, who are ugly inside and out, can claim that smoking makes you look bad? The answer is clear: with the same gall they use to say that "smoking kills".

This is what quitting smoking (or never picking up the noble practice) may do to you. No bloody kidding: just look for yourself. Really: do you want to look like them? Even worse: do you want to be like them?

Reach for that pack of cigarettes, cigar or pipe – NOW!

Antismokers: reaching for a healthist world.
Tobacco Control: marching towards a smoke-free future



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