The fact that Chantix is a killer drug is established. The fact that it is prescribed to “cure” a disease that does not exist – smoking – is also established. The fact that Tobacco Control is a front for the pharmaceutical multinationals is a given. Michael Siegel gives us a good description of the situation.

“The story here is not the potential adverse side effects of Chantix. Instead, the story is the potential tragedy related to the fact that national recommendations that all physicians use drug treatment for all of their patients and the recommendation of Chantix for this purpose were made by an expert panel that was chaired by a researcher with a history of severe financial conflicts of interest and that included numerous others with financial interests in pharmaceutical companies.”

The researcher sold to Big Pharma is Michael Fiore, notorious advocate of the antismoking epidemiological fraud. His motives are glaring: “he receives up to $50,000 in annual resources from GlaxoSmithKline to support his educational, research, and policy activities”, says Siegel. (stored copy).

In his brief commentary about this shameful – but typical – episode of glaring corruption, Siegel fails to ask a critical question: who will pay for the damage done? Yes, maybe a few million dollars will come out of Big Pharma — but that loss is already built into the price of the drug: ironically, the victims will pay for their own lawsuit! We mean: will the public health institutions, Michael Fiore, the rest of the crooks of the National Institute of Health Commission that made the recommendation (stored copy) and Tobacco Control in general pay for the damage done, for the people killed, for the corruption demonstrated?

Bet your last cent that they will not. Public health is untouchable and unreachable, and will continue to do marketing for Big Pharma. Michael Fiore will continue to lie about smoking, keep on pocketing Pharma money and remain a “public health” consultant. The NIH will continue with crooked recommendations. Tobacco Control will continue to con the population on the “dangers” of smoking. It will be business as usual.

That is because there is no effective mechanism in place to make the crooks accountable. That is because there seem to be no lawyers with the balls to sue on the accountability factor. That is because there are no consumer unions that are willing to defend the smoking consumer against the fraud. Rather, they kiss the ass of the public health authorities and help them hit the tobacco industry in spite of the fact that they cannot scientifically prove one death due to smoking. The consumer unions don’t want to touch Big Pharma when it comes to the smoking fraud: they are too busy thumping on the perverted bible of health.

The criminals will go unpunished – correction: they will be rewarded for their actions and painted as heroes by other criminals. The smokers will continue to be victims and pariahs in need of “therapy”. Champix will continue to be on the market and prescribed by irresponsible physicians on the take as long as it makes millions thanks to stupid smokers who want to quit and create the demand.

All is well in the 21st century – the way it should be in the march of the Therapeutic State. Keep on dying.



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