In every situation where business has the choice of banning smoking or attracting smokers the smart owners go with the smokers.
Such is the case in Atlantic City where we have the opportunity to witness the collapse of anti-tobacco’s weird contention that banning smoking will attract the crowds. Never has this bizarre hypothesis been proved and once again reality reveals that the fanatical anti-smokers are delusional, insane or outrageously dishonest.

The roll back of a smoking ban in Atlantic City shines a spotlight on how the "banning smoking is good for business" argument disintegrates whenever politicians support their constituents, and taxpayers, rather than catering to prudes who claim they are advocates for healthy living. Because of the current economic crisis the wise officials running Atlantic City appear poised to postpone the smoking ban that would make casinos smokefree. Customer-free is more like it so under the guise of alleviating economic bad times the city council will allow smoking until such time as they feel they can do without the smokers.

Due to a technicality, even if the smoking ban is ultimately postponed, the smoking law will be in effect for one week no matter what happens at city hall. The casinos, therefore, must ban smoking temporarily even though there will most likely be no effort to enforce a soon to be repealed ban. The week-long ban is an indicator that anti-tobacco has, as have all the other life-style gangsters, infected the culture with its insanity. Illogical and contradictory policies cannot stand forever. Better to throw such policies into the trash rather than allow them to trash this country further.



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