As Christ multiplied fish to help people, so “public health” (our secular Christ) multiplies bureaucracy and public waste. This time the target is child “obesity”.

Let’s see some of the concepts “…escalating the battle against the bulge”… (War! The holy war of “public health”). “New Office of Nutrition and Fitness.” (Bureaucracy!) “Coordinate programs to prevent obesity” (Militant action! Prevent!) “….the highest percentage of overweight and obese children under age 5, at 17.7 percent” (Red alert and panic button). Of course there is no definition of overweight. Who needs to know? The authorities say so, that’s all you need to know, believe. “Young people are a crucial target for the new agency because it’s easier to instil…” (Parents don’t matter, the “health authorities” are the new parents). “…tackle the obesity problem through education … rather than by banning particular foods.” ("health" authorities have the right to ban legal products). But in the following paragraph we read. “One goal is to de-normalize the massive portions served in restaurants” (ban through culture engineering).

Here is how to make you accept it all: “He is mulling the idea of having schools notify parents, via report cards, about children with weight problems.” Faced with this second alternative, who would not choose the first? After all, parents are obviously blind beside being stupid, and notifications on children’s ignorance and bad marks have become politically incorrect. Much better to have slim jackasses than overweight geniuses. Bad marks are bad for low self-esteem, which may lead to smoking…

The reference to smoking, in fact, cannot not be missed: “Obesity has become the country’s No. 2 cause of preventable death, after smoking” (do what "public health" says, and you will not die). What’s the good news? As no one death can be scientifically demonstrated to be caused by smoking, smokers can rejoice: either obesity shifts to the No. 1 position, or it’s not that big of a problem after all.

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