In this Round Table, host Gian Turci presents a story that has nothing to do with smoking, or even with lifestyles, but it still has very much to do with the corrupt institution of Public Health. The story is at once moving and telling. It is the story of Kathleen Stenson and her son William.

The problem of the treatment of elderly people is ever more pressing in a technocratic society that is becoming less and less human all the time — “for your own good.” In Canada, for example, old folks in nursing homes are forced to go outside to smoke in polar temperatures and they sometimes are found stiff dead the morning after, forgotten by all. Those crimes by Public Health go totally unpunished, and they keep going unreported by media that are fearful servants of the Public Health machine and of the “public opinion” that they themselves are helping to form.

This is a case of a quasi-kidnapping of an 81-year-old woman on a technicality by a nursing home in the UK. This lady, Kathleen Stenson, has suffered twenty-one months in isolation. Her treatment is cavalier. Apparently, she is underfed. Her son William Stenson says that he can talk to her only for an occasional 5 supervised minutes on the telephone and he has to fight hard ever to see her. He complained to the operators of the nursing home about her bed, and as a result was escorted out of the premises by cops. All that William wants is to take his mother home with him back to Ireland. But that too is denied. William has contacted FORCES after being largely ignored by the mass-media. This is a stunning story that merits the attention of all our readers and listeners. Growing technocracy is making travesties of this kind ever more common.

Old folks are forgotten and discarded after a lifetime of service to society. They worked, they have been mothers and fathers, they paid their taxes and contributions to the state. But, today, when it is time to collect some rest, they get blackmailed: if you want to stay here, you have to quit smoking or drinking. If you want that operation you have to lose weight, and so on. Sometimes they even get sequestered — as seems to be the case with Kathleen Stenson.

If you have the misfortune of getting old, or sick, thus becoming a patient, you are from that point at the mercy of a merciless technocratic machine. Your personal will — even when you are not declared mentally impaired — becomes irrelevant. Your personal preferences, choices, ways of life, aspirations, and desires may be treated with scorn and contempt. You become the object of “tough love” foisted by a system run on ideology and corruption — a mechanized, technocratized and computerized monster — which follows orders and procedures with goose-stepping precision and without an ounce of genuine philosophy or compassion. This is a system run by bean counters, bureaucrats, and junk scientists, and often owned by large clusters of corporations turned to the maximization of profit. The profit here often means cashing public money for the care of the elderly and giving them the least possible service. Tolerance and humanity are dead and buried. Lifestyle prohibitions and cameras in the streets extend into 24-hour surveillance and total control of nursing home and hospital patients. Your individuality is forcibly obliterated. You are a faceless slave of procedures, policies and zero tolerance. Zero tolerance for smokers. Zero tolerance for fatsos, or drinkers. Zero tolerance for the old ones too, especially when they insist they want to be the person they have been all their lives — or, simply, want to go home.

Once the Health machine has your body it claims dominion over your soul. To this entity you are nothing but a commodity to be processed, a piece of mercandise to be handled with logistics, as you represent a consumable source of income. Once so defined, you become disposable (stored copy) if you have not behaved according to Public Health’s current ideology, and nobody cares or even knows, because the mass-media side with a system that is rotten at the foundations. As happens in all tyranies, the media have become part of the problem, the voice of the master, the enemy of the people.

We, the people, are by now furious. We’re not going to take it. It’s going to stop and the guilty are going to be punished. Please spread the word about the Stensons’ plight. Help William Stenson to take his mother home. Contact him at or call him at +35 387 136 3758. Is there a lawyer out there with the heart to help? William has little money, but a big heart for his mother, and a cause that cries out for prompt justice.

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