Just a quick link to the International Smokefree Partnership to remember who we are fighting.

Please note that Big Pharmaceutical Multinationals are discretely circumspect, yet they are pulling most of the strings of this international coalition of criminals. Note also the presence of the Word Bank, which itself has strong ties with the pharmaceutical multinationals — and that explains why so many weak countries have been arm twisted into brutal repression of smoking and smokers. Finally, please note the animated tabs on the left of the website, and the fact that – except for one statement – absolutely none of the tabs are telling the truth, and that none of those statements is demonstrably scientifically.

Not even one.

It is all a fraud. The only true statement is: "Cigarettes are the world’s most widely smuggled legal consumer product" – and Tobacco Control is the cause of it, because of the criminal taxation that it instigates, partially to finance itself. Now you know what we are fighting.

Almost daily, people submit to us conspiracy theories. Some are laughable, some are believable, none is demonstrable. That is why you never see us publishing them. The only real, visible and self-evident conspiracy of statistical fraud and culture engineering based on steady and demonstrable scientific falsification – a conspiracy that involves billions or trillions of dollars at the world scale, is that concerning "public health", smoking and lifestyles (while real epidemics are neglected, and real people – not computer-generated virtual people! – die by the millions each year).

Yet nobody submits THAT one.

It is true: the best way to hide something is to put it in the middle of the room, and under a bright, blinding light. You can rest assured that nobody will ever find it.



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