A second Round Table of FORCES discussions, concerning smoking bans, prohibition and the power of antismoking organizations. How did it all start? When did you first become aware of a smoking ban near you? Is it possible (and credible) that the entire world, all of a sudden, spontaneously embraces prohibition? Who is behind it? Where will it go? And what can be done to stop it?

Host Gian Turci and guests Maryetta Ables and Jim Blogg speak their minds and express their feelings on this dangerous mass-phenomenon that is sweeping the planet. In these times of prevailing narrow-mindedness we must not allow our own vision to be restricted. We have to "zoom out" and appreciate the big picture.

Viewed in perspective, the fraud-based crusade against smoking is the cutting edge of a much greater social experiment which is testing the boundaries of public docility: is there no limit to public acceptance of regulation on any issue (from gun control to privacy to personal conduct) when this tyranny is presented as being for "the common good"?

How far can this go and when will it end? So far, the neo-Communist experiment is very successful: hatred and intolerance can be elicited on command by the health & safety crooks. Is this truly the beginning of the end of liberty? Or are there signs of effective reaction in the making? Our guests tell us — and time will tell as well.



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