This correspondent just returned from a week in Las Vegas, and it was great!

Having had an opportunity to spend a week in Las Vegas, I’m happy to report that smoking is alive and well in Sin City. I went to 6 casinos, and every one had ash trays on the bars, and at every slot machine and gaming table. The restaurants are all smoke-free, but that ends at the restaurant door. So, all one has to do is eat and run. My guess is that 90% of the guests in Vegas smoke. In my hotel- casino, it could very well have been 90%, and you don’t see those ugly no smoking signs anywhere. One hallway had a small "no smoking in hallway" sign, and so did the elevators. But, NO big red international signs. Since I absolutely love smokey casinos, I was in heaven.

There were so many drunks around on New Years Eve that the police couldn’t have enforced a smoking ban anyway. The streets were packed so tight with people that they were closed to all vehicle traffic. New Years Eve is unforgettable in Las Vegas.

So for now, Las Vegas is on MY list of places to visit. What will happen in the future is anybody’s guess. However, I was told all over that the economy there is hurting and nobody wants to help further destroy it. When I asked employees, (if I could smoke in the taxi, if I could smoke at the bar, etc.) they all said "whatever you want"!

Did I win? Hell no! But it was worth it just to be in a free and open atmosphere.



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