The Spectator of London tells us cigar smokers are leading the fight for smokers’ rights. If they want to lead they had better arrest their own miserably self-defeating tendencies.
It’s good that the cigar smokers quoted in this article criticize the fanaticism which led to Britain’s comprehensive 2007 ban. It’s too bad they say it makes them feel paranoid. It should make them very angry. They say they want to compromise. That means they don’t know this is a war. They don’t know they’re targeted for continuing and vicious encroachment and ultimate eradication.

They complain that hospitality establishments had invested thousands in superadequate ventilation systems only to see ventilation arbitrarily and contemptuously dismissed by empowered prohibitionists. With that option gone, they complied some more, investing in all-weather patio accommodations.

This article was written last November. The movement to eradicate such accommodating terraces and patios is already well in progress. We knew that would come and predicted it a month before this Spectator article came to print. Our cigar smoking leaders could not see as far as the day after tomorrow.

The article closes with a plea from a Swiss artist and cigar lover who insists that global warming is a greater hazard than cigar smoke. Note that the global warming scam is the favored pretext for banning those all-weather terraces. The outdoor heating, you see, is a waste of energy which as a matter of scientific fact will surely lead to planetary apocalypse.

Our cigar smoking leaders had better stop dignifying junk science and diverting via boomerang scares, had better stop seeking paltry exemptions and compromises, had better stop applauding miserable scraps of liberty outside Britain and begging for the same from sadists, and had as well shut up as “fought” along such lines as these.

Antitobacco is a vicious fraud. The only value of compromise, with fanatics, comes in compromising their power. The only proper goal for exemption exists not in exemption from the bans but exemption of such bans from all framed discussion and from all articles of law.

It’s good that the cigar smokers criticize fanaticism. It may do some good if they ever decide to destroy fanaticism.



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