One of our moles at the Antismoking League (top secret code name Phil Williams) sends us this indiscreet video featuring Propaganda Minister Hairy Chestnuts.

Hairy lets his fur fly, both on- and off-screen, in this tape which our super-secret infiltrator Phil saved from a pile of incriminating evidence meant for the bonfire at next weekend’s Antismoking League Spring Drunk at Brighton Beach.

Mister Chestnuts suggested the bonfire himself, both to destroy evidence, and to help take away the chill he’s beginning to feel in his spine. The public is resisting its oppression and talking everywhere about the vicious fraudulence of antismoking eugenics. A trickle of truth is even appearing in the mainstream media from time to time. If this keeps up, League members could face real scrutiny, and real justice, before long.

Master spy Phil’s latest report, via wristwatch radio, is that Hairy Chestnuts has already begun guzzling at a Brighton pub, oblivious even to the smoking going on there.

Please click the link below to view the heisted video.



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