Once upon a time there were distinctions between totalitarian regimes: Communism was different than Nazism on the basis of ideology, although the methods were identical. Now that we have replaced the cross with the no smoking sign, God with “public health” and real scientific facts with opinion attributions, we can get rid of the ideology altogether and keep just the methods and the techniques, happily marrying Hitler with Stalin.

This site, apparently hosted by a Czech refugee, deals with a 1977 pamphlet issued by the Communist Czech government in response to demands for civil liberties by dissidents, including Vaclav Havel. After translating the official response, he goes on to analyze its content showing how it applies the official techniques of Communism towards dissenters. See if this sounds familiar to those who follow the smoking and environmental frauds:

“They try to convey the message that the opposition doesn’t exist.”
“If the opposition exists, it is composed of unsuccessful or dead bodies who have been defeated decades ago.”
“The members of the opposition are painted as being controlled by others, usually by demonized sources of power, with hints of corruption; a connection — even indirect connection — with these ultimate ‘sources of evil’ is presented as a complete proof of wrongness.”
“Opposition gets badges that are meant to be derogatory: capitalist, Zionist, deniers, renegades, contrarians… oil-funded, etc.” [Replace that with smokers, addicts, deniers, sick, tainted, etc.]
“Opposition is presented as being against all the people – and all the people should agree and do agree with that; statements that everyone agrees and everyone keeps on supporting the official position are repeated all the time.”
“The opposition members are criticized for their very existence and for the tiniest deviations from the official ideology to assure everyone else that one simply can’t join them if one wants to survive.” [Hello, Dr. Siegel!]
“Opposition is claimed to misrepresent words and facts even though it is pretty obvious that it is the official party who is doing that.”
“The opposing individuals are deconstructed one by one by carefully-crafted ad hominem attacks”.
“The propaganda openly states that a debate or a dialogue itself is unacceptable and no details of the opponents’ opinions are ever analyzed.”
“Whenever it’s possible, the opponents must be fired or otherwise harassed…”

They used to dress in red. They used to dress in black. Now they dress in white. But they are still the same.

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