Reporter John Stossel relates the story of a woman harassed for smoking by her neighbors, a pair of married lawyers, of the type that have gained that profession a dismal reputation in the United States. John Stossel is known for reviling antismoking with a chuckle. He finds its frauds, including "secondhand smoke" alarmism, quaintly amusing. He says smoking bans are baseless, with a grin, and a shrug. Apparently, at least in the case of this legally harassed smoker, he for once is unamused at a grotesque result of the frauds and alarms. Stossel reported on this case in a segment of the 20/20 television program on Friday night. We link here to his discussion on the subject with media personality Glenn Beck and to Stossel’s article which appeared Friday in the Wall Street Journal.

Glenn Beck interview transcript: (Link) (stored version)

WSJ article: (Link) (stored version)



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