Once in a while the correct terminology is used to describe “public health”. “Health bosses have scrapped plans to ban smokers from operations until they quit the habit.”

“Boss” is a perfectly appropriate term for what has largely become a Mafia organization. It would seem the bosses in Leicester, UK, may still retain a few tattered shreds of integrity and humanity – very odd indeed for the public health field nowadays.

The revolting policy in England is now that “If patients managed to go without a cigarette for four weeks they would then be put back on the operating list” – in short, the bastards blackmail you so that you bend over and change your life choices after you paid a lifetime of compulsory health care contributions to the state.

However, “Now bosses say it was never intended as a policy and was one of a number of ideas discussed and which has now been ditched.”

"We are not considering a ban on operations for smokers and have no plans to do so for the foreseeable future.” Quite a daring challenge to the antitobacco crooks, but a moral stand that should be taken by all, regardless of whether the “dangers” of smoking are true or false.

The health care deal is quite straightforward, in fact: citizens pay mandatory tax to the state for health insurance – an insurance that many lucky ones never utilize, to the advantage of the less lucky ones. Even assuming the “dangers” of smoking as true, health insurance is no different than car insurance, also mandatory. When you have a “your-fault” car accident, it is always because you have been “imprudent”, as a “your-fault” car accident is always preventable. One in a thousand times, however, you have a “preventable”, “your-fault” accident very much like the smoker has a “his-fault”, “preventable” accident: he gets sick.

No car insurance can refuse to pay coverage for the “preventable” accident because it would be in breach of contract – and the contract exists exclusively to cover the “fault”. By the same token, “public health” cannot refuse to cover the “preventable” accident, because that is what the social contract was about.

Furthermore, in the case of smoking the “insurance” cannot even demonstrate fault, it just “says” that it is your fault and shoves under your nose a whole pile of worthless documentation that still cannot prove your fault. Finally, right in the middle of your contract, without appropriate notification and without an objectively demonstrable base, your “insurer” unilaterally reshapes your contract to exclude your “fault” coverage while still compulsorily collecting your payments!

If that happened with your motor vehicle insurance company, you would be right to sue the hell out of them – including incurring damages – and every court would agree with you. As always, of course, “public health” thinks it is above courts, fairness – and all the laws of Man and God.

It is up to us to make “public health” understand that it is wrong – with whatever means is necessary.



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