Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and their acolytes at public radio agree. The so-called "free world" should take Cuba as its model. The ideal for public health is dictatorship and economic deprivation.
Misery? What’s that when “obesity-related” illnesses may decline. One recalls the legend at the gate to Auschwitz: “Arbeit Macht Frei” (Work Will Make You Free). It’s true that inmates there rarely ate too much while “work-Jews” got plenty of exercise.

It’s more than a bit disappointing that eugenicists can get away with recommending a concentration camp society today toward the same ends. Destruction of societal dignity and freedom is the height of “political correctness” at this point.

This eugenic research paper speaks for itself in daft technocratic Newspeak. The public radio piece is a sycophantic echo. Links appear immediately below, followed by a joint commentary on the study and its implications, from FORCES Italy President Gian Turci and our Danish correspondent Søren Højbjerg.

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Commentary by Gian Turci and Søren Højbjerg

It’s hard to believe the implications of this "scientific study" published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal. It concerns the consequences of impoverishment in Cuba and represents an excruciating example of the moral and intellectual degeneration of the"public health" establishment in our times. "What can we learn from Cuba’s Special Period?", the authors ask. Their answer is nothing more or less than a revelation of their own intellectual and moral debasement.

The healthists have the gall to claim that impoverishment was good for Cuban health: a bald-faced endorsement of the social regression beloved of the anti-everything cultists. Get rid of the "evils" that modern civilisation brought us, the car, the hamburger, the cellular phone, all "as bad as smoking," all symptoms of the evil of civilisation which shall be punished in the sure doom of anthropogenic global warming, as the prophets of junk science hath spake.

All pleasures must begone. Of course that wretched capitalistic status symbol, the car, must begone, but let’s not stop there, they tell us, let’s go further: let us eliminate public transportation too, and return to the bicycle (perhaps as a “phase-in” to the mule and the horse?), on the road to eternal life.

"During this Special Period, per capita daily energy intake fell from 2899 kcal (12 180 kJ) to 1863 kcal (7820 kJ), and energy expenditure increased because fuel shortages led people to walk or ride their bicycles rather than use public transportation. The proportion of physically active adults increased from 30% to 67%. Population-representative studies in Cienfuegos, Cuba, in 1991 and 1995 showed a 1.5-unit decrease in the body mass index. The prevalence of obesity declined from 14% to 7%, the prevalence of overweight increased from 26% to 27%, and the prevalence of normal weight increased from 60% to 66% (Figure 1). The decline in body weight in the population represents a modest weight loss of 4–5 kg, or 5%–6% of body weight per adult. In subsequent years, rates of death decreased markedly from 1997 to 2002: by 51% for diabetes, 35% for coronary artery disease, 20% for stroke and 18% for all-cause mortality."

See?… Poverty is good for heath – if you are a monoscopic technocrat. These manic number-crunchers never remember that there is one percentage for mortality – that is, 100 percent. The lunatics measure the “benefit” against the average life span – one day less, and you are “premature.” If you don’t die of things they don’t like they have "saved" you to die within statistical months of something else. You’re not supposed to see that. They don’t see it, because they are what we’ve called them, lunatics.

You’re not either supposed to consider, as the lunatics do not: the misery, the oppression, the families selling the bodies of their underage daughters to visitors in exchange for a few dollars or a black market loaf of bread, the desperation of those who risked their lives jumping on small boats to the USA, to be free (and fat!), the frequent lack of basic medication in hospitals – all that makes a “good healthy life” in the eyes of the mentally and morally retrograde healthists.

To our modern eugenicists a purblind conjectured statistical life of 27,740 days is “healthier” and “better” than one of 26,643 on the grounds that is longer. Pedalling a bicycle while starving to death is the “healthy thing to do” because it keeps you skinny, and that could even add a few days more to your achingly miserable life, assuming you don’t simply drop suddenly out of plain malnourishment. These mechanized idiots will gladly swap all quality for an instant of conjectural quantity. The same cretinous outlook generates their mass-production of stinking trash science, puerile slogans, and fascistic philosophy.

Numerous newspapers have reported this “public health” news uncritically, indeed approvingly, to the effect that economic crisis in imprisoned Cuba was just the healthiest thing ever. It certainly does remind one of "Arbeit Macht Frei." The source of good health is impoverishment, freedom is freedom from pleasure and comfort. Our eugenic masters must free us from freedom to smoke, to drink, to eat, to drive a car.

We must accept a concentration camp society, a wholly regimented life within walls of restrictions, built carefully ever higher, brick by brick, year by year, such that we "get used to it." Perhaps you are used to it. Or are you damned sick of it? Then rebel. Help us destroy the evil machine that "public health" has become. Reject the imposition of a nameless and soulless society, the replacement of our culture, by a cult. Tear down the walls the sick tyrants are building.

Fight back if you believe in individual dignity and personal sovereignty. Depose the eugenicists and health fascists from seats of power. All that matters to these tyrannical idiots is how long the “human unit” lives ”costing” the least to the heartless technocratic state. That is the very core of their collectivist ideology.

Once we get over the nausea caused by this story we intend to have a very expansive meal. We suggest you do the same.

Bon appétit: enjoy while you can.



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