The insane search for the happiness pill continues frantically. Here comes the latest product of that insanity: erase bad memories – chemically! “Scientists are a step closer to being able to wipe the mind clean of painful memories, a development that will offer hope to those with a fear of spiders or who are trying to bury traumatic experiences. The researchers think that the new technique could help war veterans get over the horrors of conflict and cure people with debilitating phobias. It could even eventually be applied to ease the pain of a failed relationship or a bereavement.”

Certainly! Isn’t that wonderful and noble? What about wiping out bad memories of a bankruptcy and all the experience that has been gained from the unpleasant experience? To say nothing about removing the resentment coming from the memories of the wrongs that the tyrant state has done to you. Hateful because the health bastards have taken your children away since you smoke or they are fat? Forget about that – literally! Were you raped and you are in mental distress? No, don’t deal with it… too much work… convince instead his majesty the doctor – the sole administrator of your body and mind – to prescribe the expensive pill, gobble it up and… be raped again!

What is missed tragically by these intellectually retarded people is that, like most things, happiness is a relative state. One cannot be happy unless he also knowns pain and sorrow. In order to be happy, one has to remember that pain – always – to compare it with the current, better situation that makes him happy. Happiness cannot exist in an absolute state — but the brutally retarded philosophy of healthism equates happiness with ignorance — for ignorance is what keeps the "public health" tyrant in power, and makes people dependent on it.

Never mind whether technology will get there in a year or in ten or in fifty. Never mind whether that is not going to affect you because you will be dead by then. Pull your head out of your ass. You have the duty to fight what public health has become now to preserve some resemblance of liberty for the next generation — in the same way our grandfathers fought the Nazis (and died) to deliver a free world to you. There is serious ethical degradation here, product of a screwed-up, cowardly generation that has plunged itself into total inability to deal with reality, and thus embraces a synthetic, virtual world. Virtual diseases, virtual mortality, virtual money and virtual happiness. If there is a real alarm bell to be rung, this is the big one.

Just considering the option — and proposing it amorally to the public — is nuts. And WHO is going to administer this weapon of social mass destruction and absolute population control? Right, you got it: the public health establishment!

What is proposed here is chemical lobotomy — and it is not the first time. The only reason why we are not already chemically lobotomized by anti-smoking, anti-alcohol, anti-fat, anti-violence or anti-memories drugs is because they are not ready yet — not because of moral and ethical considerations of liberty and respect for individual will. Make no mistake: were they ready now, you would see the public health criminals imposing oblivion on you and your children with laws — and, literally, at gunpoint — in the same way they impose current vaccines to people.

That is as immoral as the antismoking fraud is. It is wrong. It is insane. It cannot be forgotten and – yes, WE say it, this time – it must be forbidden.



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