Left or right no longer matters, for they are all healthist Nazi trash. Unlike the Nazis, however, healthist politicians are ideologically and intellectually vacuous so they copy each other’s ideas in a race to make society ever more obscurantist and oppressed.

Comrade Cameron

Pertinent readings

What the Nazis Borrowed from Marx
(by Ludwig von Mises)

Omnipotent Government

Kameraden/Comrade Cameron of the Conservative Party of England wants to go – of course! – beyond the “achievements” of his neo-Communist opponents of New Labour in the supreme race for state-imposed junk science “healthy behaviours”. So, as we have already reported, he is proposing a “miles card” for health. It works like this: if you behave according to the nonsense propelled by the British Medical Association, Big Pharma and its marionettes in the ministry of “health”, you will get "good citizen" points, and access to that “universal” medicare that you are forced to pay for. Otherwise you will get "bad citizen points" and no health care. Isn’t it simple?…

That will keep the gangsters who are bankrupting (and have bankrupted) the public health system out of jail and on the seats of power, while you will be blamed for the whole thing and be forced to obey the party line… if you want access to your own money!

The other side of this revolting abuse of power is one of the hilarious contradictions that are so typical of healthist “logic”.

To “save” the universal health care system, the proposal is to exclude a portion of those who are covered by “universal" health care. But the proposal would effectively kill universal health care by making it not universal!

As the wall of logic and common sense (which is already a colander!) breaks once again, this morbid mentality will hastily be expanded to include whole new categories of “unhealthy living”. Let’s see… sky divers, skiers, race car drivers and alpinists, as they literally and unnecessarily risk their necks, could easily be among those with low "‘citizen’s responsibility’ to be healthy” thus “no one should expect taxpayers to fund their unhealthy lifestyles”. But who are the taxpayers if not the citizens, you idiot? Let’s carry on. No doubt about speeding motorists, cyclists and bikers either: very dangerous behaviours causing preventable deaths. Let’s kick them out, why should “we” pay for “them”? Absolutely yes for cell phone users also, with a microwave source stuck to their heads 4 hours a day – certainly preventable brain tumours could be found there! Out those who don’t brush their teeth and floss as prescribed, as they get preventable infections. And unprotected sex should certainly be punished by straightening up those who don’t use rubbers; we cannot see anything more preventable than AIDS and “venereal” diseases! Let’s see: who’s left?…

The idiotic (or shrewd?) Comrad Cameron (or Labour Party, no difference!) mentality will eventually exclude virtually everybody from ‘universal health care’. The proposal is therefore an early admission that the socialist health care system has failed just like the rest of socialism. The American electorate should take note for the Presidential elections. Is this, perhaps, the first step towards dismantling the system of public health? How wonderful!

Basically, the message delivered is this: "It is inconsistent with the concept of the responsible citizen to imagine that it is realistic for citizens, having paid their taxes, to expect that the state will underwrite the health implications of any lifestyle decision they choose to make."

The little Commies do not understand that the state is not expected to “underwrite” anything, and that its underwriting is at any rate irrelevant. Citizens PAY the tax in exchange for a specific SERVICE (health coverage) that the state – an entity that, by definition, has no rights and only duties and obligations – is OBLIGATED to fulfil. While a private insurance company can set, before the signing of a contract, conditions that the prospective underwriter can refuse (and shop for another competitive insurance that satisfies his expectations), a social contract that nobody has signed (and has no choice but to pay for it) is by definition universal, as it automatically applies to all citizens regardless of fashionable behaviours or junk science of the moment — otherwise the contract defaults as it is not fulfilled. Fleecing citizens, by threat of violence, for a service not rendered equates to a dictatorship, and thus legitimizes the use of equal violence by the citizens to abate that dictatorship.

At any rate, we could not agree more with the message delivered. Universal health care is turning out to be a failed concept and it should be dismantled, right along with neo-Communist “public health”, related taxes and gratuitous paternalism indigestions. Each pays for his own – and leads his life as he sees fit.

That’s the way of freedom.



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