The New York City Health Department, it has been revealed, is running TV ads showing stock footage of diseased kids, identifying the anonymous photographic subjects as "victims of secondhand smoke." Says the president of the American Academy of Advertising: "If they were selling a commercial product, the FTC would surely regulate this misleading ad." The Health Department, with typical arrogance, says it intends to ignore the criticism and keep running the ads. What’s another lie to a Healthist? There are no victims of secondhand smoke, children or otherwise, in the first place. For that matter there are no diseases unique to active smokers. Public Health crazies have been attributing smokers’ deaths from virtually any cause to the smoking habit for decades based on nothing but illogic and fanaticism. The article we link with was run by two Healthist-oriented websites: the Huffington Post, and at the site of the American Council on Science and Health. When it comes to advancing the smoker pogrom, as even these sources admit, "Turns out the truth doesn’t matter."



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