We are glad to present a new website: Liberty in Canada.com, run by FORCES International Honour Committe member Pierre Lemieux, a valued companion in arms against Big Brother. In it you will find a breath of fresh air – the air of liberty.
“Canada used to be a free country. And it is often reluctantly that, as state power mounted during the 20th century, Canadian governments followed the statist fashions that originated elsewhere, including in the U.S.

“Canadians avoided the alcohol (and, in some states, tobacco) prohibitions that hit the U.S. in the early 20th century. The American central bank was created in 1913, its Canadian counterpart only in 1935. The American Securities and Exchange Commission was founded in 1934, one decade before its weak Ontario version, and two decades before the Québec securities commission. The income tax was introduced in Canada four years after the U.S. and, until the 1960s, top marginal rates were often lower in our country. The war on drugs is an American enterprise imported into Canada.

“We must not idealize the past too much. In Canada as elsewhere, the natural tendency of the state was to impose whatever the political market would bear.”

The fight for liberty must continue. We are glad that Pierre is on our side.

It’s called “Liberty in Canada” and has just been launched. Please click .

Il s’appelle « Liberté au Canada » et vient tout juste d’être mis en ligne.



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