The lunacy sweepstakes among the "civilized" countries to be the first to impose total prohibition on tobacco reached a new level last week. While still neck-and-neck, the Brits appear poised to take the lead.
Just when we thought it couldn’t get any more bizarre (we should know better), anti-tobacco hatches a scheme so jaw-droppingly outlandish we can only shake our heads in disbelief. Preposterous doesn’t even begin to describe the latest brainchild of the healthist regime in the UK.

Designed (as all smoking restrictions are) to make smoking even more inconvenient and expensive, the prohibitionists are proposing that smokers be required to purchase a license, that’s right, a license which would have to be presented in order to buy cigarettes and, presumably, all tobacco products.

Though not mentioned in the article, this would most certainly morph into a requirement for this “license” to be in the possession of anyone indulging in said tobacco products. After all, the prevalence of black market cigarettes in super-tax Great Britain, already is approaching 50% of the market.

As such, it would probably be best, for enforcement purposes, that the “license” be visible … perhaps worn on the clothing. It should probably be a bright color and a discernible shape so it can be seen at a distance: a yellow star maybe?

Laughable as this whole ploy may seem, we best not spend too much time rolling on the floor in stitches, lest they slip this one by us while we’re drunk with hilarity.

Anti is deadly serious.



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