"You’re going to see some really serious exposure on the part of companies that are emitting CO{-2}," Mr. Susman predicted. "I can’t say for sure it’s going to be as big as the tobacco settlements, but then again it may even be bigger. We’re not going to know until the regulatory environment becomes clearer."

It’s official anthropogenic climate change is a fraud. The proof? The lawyers are gathering, preparing to shakedown society, just as they did with tobacco. The circle, as designed by the criminals running the country, is complete. The "problem" has been identified, in this case the bogus notion that mankind is causing the world to become hot. The solution, devolving society back to the midieval times when man’s carbon footprint was zero, is in the planning stages. The real goal? Massive amounts of booty flowing from the producers (business and people who profit and benefit from production) to the parasites that produce nothing but regulations and lawsuits.

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