Pat Nurse is with the British anti-Healthist movement. In this article published by The Free Society she mentions some of the BS she was told when she took up smoking – none of which ever proved true,of course.
Her words are wise:

“The fanatical anti-smoking stance was not something that affected me until relatively recent years. We used to call these people “health freaks” because of their unnatural obsession with the subject when we all know that none of us can live forever. If smoking was eradicated tomorrow the grave yards would still be full of people who die at the beginning, middle and end of each generation for a variety of reasons. We are missing the real health issues by concentrating on just one and hiding behind a smoke screen of abuse and false accusations towards smokers.”

Pat then described the escalation of the persecution of smokers and the graduation of "health freaks," once rightly considered mental cases, into “health activists” and then “public health." She reaches a conclusion that, we are sure, is familiar to very many smokers – at least those who have some grey matter between their ears:

“Smokers like me will never give up. Any hope of that has gone because of the constant bullying, exclusion and pressure which only makes my resolve to exercise my right to choose even stronger. I would rather die than give in to the sanctimonious, biased, and prejudicial pressure heaped upon me by anti-smoking propaganda that often uses tenuous and exaggerated scientific ‘evidence’ while pulling figures out of the air that are never tested but have the desired dramatic effect.”

We are sure all readers will enjoy this article. Consider and compare your own experiences and feelings. Consider as well your own reactions and then pause to think a bit. It may be astonishing that antitobacco has produced such misery over the common pleasure of smoking but one need only stop to think of previous fanaticisms to realize that societies are frequently astonishingly foolish. Think one more step and remember that where foolishness takes hold, reason can be restored, when it asserts itself. It is time for smokers to assert themselves very forcefully.

What can you do? You can help us at FORCES, with donations, with services. You can boycott Big Tobacco brands in the USA. You can boycott hospitality venues that do not accommodate smokers. You can let your friends and family know that you do not accept disrespect from them or from anyone. The anti-Healthist movement is growing every day. Our influence is growing. Too many smokers have been too quiet for too long. This is changing as the smoker pogrom grows ever harsher, an inevitability of fanaticism we at FORCES have warned of, for many years now. The pogrom can be reversed. We can reëstablish reasoned policy and civil society with your help. Let this excellent article by Pat Nurse inspire you. Join the freedom movement.



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